Is This The Worst ‘Crisis Actor’ Ever? Shooting Survivor Doesn’t Look Like He’s Been Shot

Were actors used by the mainstream media after the Dark Knight Colorado theatre shooting in order to push a gun control agenda? According to legions of online sceptics, this was most definitely the case.


If you narrowly survived a massacre, would you feel strong enough to appear in front of millions of viewers on national television just a few hours after your ordeal? Would you keep your blood-drenched shirt as a souvenir? If your shoulder had just been pumped full of bullets, would you wave your injured arm about non-stop without showing any signs of discomfort?

These may seem like odd actions to take after escaping a mass slaughter, but judging by the behaviour of shooting survivor Marcus Weaver in the hours following the Aurora movie theatre massacre, all of the above must be reasonable and natural things to do!

The Conspiracy Theory: Is Weaver An Actor?

However, unsatisfied with this simple explanation, it wasn’t long before sceptics were using Weaver’s awkward, unnatural-looking performance as evidence of him being a ‘crisis actor’ (a person deployed by the government or media in order to help steer the narrative of a traumatic event in a way that suits their hidden agenda).

Many found Weaver’s recounting of the event to be so utterly bizarre and unbelievable, they became convinced that he was a second-rate actor trying to recall pre-rehearsed lines. Is it possible that Weaver was somehow in cahoots with the news agencies or government, helping to weave an anti-gun narrative?

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a high-profile gun control advocate turned out to be an actor. Andy Parker, the father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker, was no doubt embarrassed when his acting reel was unearthed and uploaded to YouTube, depicting him as a Raisin Bran-lovin’ Cowboy. Of course this is irrelevant and purely coincidental.

Seeing as Obama is currently campaigning to reduce “gun violence”, now seems like the perfect time to analyse the claim that crisis actors are used to promote gun control. In the video featured at the top of this post, I weigh up some of the evidence put forward by conspiracy theorists in a fair and balanced manner. I then scan a handful of top results from a ten second Google search and use them to conclusively debunk this outrageous theory.

One For Another Day

Alleged 9/11 eyewitness Mark Walsh, known in the conspiracy field as ‘The Harley Guy’, is often used as a textbook example of a crisis actor due to his strangely detailed knowledge of the collapsed towers and his confident delivery of information he couldn’t possibly have known at the time of his interview. However this was all completely normal and you shouldn’t investigate the matter any further. Perhaps I’ll debunk this theory in a future post.





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