Familiar Guy? 3 Times Family Guy “predicted” the future

Did Family Guy foreshadow the Boston Marathon bombings, Robin Williams’ suicide and Bruce Jenner’s sex change? The Coincidence Theorist investigates…

Seth Macfarlane’s hit US comedy show is notorious for its off-the-wall references, but fans have been noticing an eerie trend in recent months: its quirky sketches keep coming true!

1. The Boston Marathon Bombings (April 15 2013)


Episode: ‘Turban Cowboy’ (Aired March 17 2013)

Fans drew several parallels between this controversial episode and the Boston Marathon bombings which took place roughly a month later.

What happened in Family Guy:

  • Peter Griffin, the main character, befriends a Muslim man called Mahmoud and flippantly converts to Islam.
  • As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Peter has unwittingly joined a “terrorist sleeper cell” composed of radicalised Muslims.
  • When Peter tries to call Mahmoud, from a mobile device that Mahmoud gave him, he remotely triggers two separate bombs by mistake.
  • In a supposedly unrelated cutaway gag, Peter maims and murders Boston Marathon participants with his car.

What happened one month later at the Boston Marathon: 

  • Two separate bombs were triggered remotely at the Boston Marathon, supposedly killing three people and maiming many more.
  • According to the official version of events, the bombings were committed by brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (“Tsar-Naev” phonetically resembles “So-Naïve”… but that’s another coincidence).
  • Dzhokhar reportedly ran Tamerlan over with his car whilst fleeing the scene.
  • The bombers were originally painted as radicalised Muslims (this is known because Dzhokhar conveniently managed to scrawl a dramatic confession/terror-manifesto onto the side of a boat during the police manhunt) and were later depicted as right-wing conspiracy theorists.
“This seems like a sensible and realistic thing to do when bleeding profusely from gunshot wounds and hiding from police in a cramped, dark space,” says The Coincidence Theorist.

“This seems like a sensible and realistic thing to do when bleeding profusely from gunshot wounds and hiding from police in a cramped, dark space,” says The Coincidence Theorist.

Episode: ‘The Missing Kink’ (Aired April 14 2013)

Keen-eyed viewers also noticed a strange coincidence pertaining to the Boston Marathon bombings in an episode of American Dad (another one of Macfarlane’s creations).

An episode called ‘The Missing Kink’ aired the day before the Boston Marathon bombings and contained a peculiar piece of dialogue between two characters. Some have suggested that this was a coded reference to the two bombs due to be detonated the next day at the Boston Marathon.

2. Robin Williams’ Suicide


Episode: ‘Family Guy Viewer Mail #2’ (Aired May 20 2012)

The news of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide in 2014 took everyone by surprise, but did it surprise the creators of Family Guy? Many started to wonder if the writers had foreknowledge of Williams’ death after noticing some disturbing coincidences in one cartoon.

A mini-episode called ‘Fatman and Robin’ caught people’s attention in particular. In this short story, based on the tale of King Midas, Peter obtains a gift/curse which allows him to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams. This soon drives him to madness and he subsequently tries to kill himself (multiple times). However, because of his curse, his suicide attempts are thwarted by Williams.

However, not only does the short story associate Williams with recurring themes of suicide, but the episode also happened to be showing on BBC3 just as the news of Williams’ suicide was announced by the media.

What happened in Family Guy: 

  • Peter becomes mentally unstable due to the unbearable omnipresence of Williams and subsequently tries to commit suicide.
  • Peter severs his hands from his wrists in an attempt to stop his curse.
  • An incarnation of Williams, with a collar tied around his neck, is seen dining with a (literally) handless Peter at the end of the episode.

What was reported about Robin Williams two years later (as this episode was showing on BBC3):

For some additional coincidences regarding these episodes, why not check out this more thorough analysis by YouTube user Betsy McGee.

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3. Bruce Jenner’s Sex Change

Lots of things have happened in the world over the past few months, but surely nothing more worthy of our attention than the surgical modification of a former athlete’s genitals. Bruce Jenner’s transition to “Caitlyn Jenner” came as a surprise to most celebrity-savvy individuals, but some have suggested that the creators of Family Guy had prior knowledge of this too!


What happened in Family Guy:

  • A clip from one episode, aired in 2009, contained jokes about Jenner being a woman. A separate clip from 2011 featured yet another jovial reference to Jenner’s feminine nature.

What Really Happened with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner:

  • It was revealed in 2015 that Jenner was in fact transitioning into a woman.
The Coincidence Theorist’s Conclusion:

Some people find the multitude of eerily prescient Family Guy references bizarre and unsettling, but what they don’t realise is that this is all just a big coincidence!

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  1. seth
    seth says:

    Mr griffin goes to washington came out a month before the 911 attacks and peter calls out of work using the excuse that his whole family died in an airplane crash

  2. Yo
    Yo says:

    Episode 16 of Season 5 predicted justice Anthonin Scalia dies while hunting, and he really died at a Texas Ranch.


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