The Moon Looks Like A Rich Tea Biscuit In Latest NASA Animation

A NASA satellite appears to capture the moon’s transit across the Earth, but why does it look like a crudely-drawn biscuit? The Coincidence Theorist investigates…

NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite (DSCOVR) has apparently beamed back images of the Earth from a million miles away using its prized Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC).

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The pictures were taken over a period of five hours on 16 July. They were then arranged in sequence to create a short animation.

According to NASA, the video below features genuine satellite images of the moon’s far side as it crosses the Earth. However, due to its cartoonlike appearance, some are questioning the authenticity of the photographs.


Although the images have been widely praised since their release, sceptics are choosing to laugh the animation off as an elaborate hoax. However what these people don’t realise is that NASA would never lie about anything!



The Coincidence Theorist’s Conclusion:

“Just because something looks like a paper cut-out stop motion animation doesn’t mean it’s not real,” says The Coincidence Theorist. “I’ll blindly believe anything NASA tells me. Who cares if it looks like it was edited on Microsoft Paint?”

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